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In India, leopards and humans sometimes clash—but not in the village of Bera

Need inspiration? Try showing us a starry sky like this one, seen in Symphony For Our World! Good luck!

Here's how it works: 1. Craft a tweet using only emojis and symbols that illustrates something in the natural world that inspires you 2. Include our Twitter handle @NatGeo and hashtag #SymphonyForOurWorldSweepstakes (replies are ineligible) 3. Each person is allowed 1 entry

Create a tweet using only emojis and symbols that celebrates the natural world for a chance to win tickets to see Symphony For Our World!… #SymphonyForOurWorldSweepstakes

Workers who struggle to find housing they can afford—and be near their city jobs—resort to extended commutes or even living in cars

Your Shot photographer Brittany Crossman captured the moment these two red foxes cozy up on the East coast of Canada

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